Look passing the life, sitting the edge of water line

22 نوامبر 2015

I was very keen on changing this proverb in to: “Look passing the life, sitting the side of photo.” Always it happens: By reviewing photograph albums, people revive past memories and live with them. Many a time, after seeing the photographs of juvenescence age, some old people feel young, regain their youth power and… More than 20 years ago, an Iranian professor of photography traveled in to Thailand for tour. A scene in Bangkok drew his attention and he took a photograph of it. In this picture a blind person is asking from people by a microphone and a small amplifier. He has put a dish in front of himself in order that people put their helps in it. He seems to be about 30 years old. It is obvious that he has recently bought his acoustic set and has created an innovation in his job. Our curious photographer was right. This picture is very beautiful; Begging from people by a microphone and amplifier!!! But this picture was kept in the personal (private) album of the photographer for years and years, without getting up of that blind man and even having the power to come out of that private album. History stopped for him on day of taking his photograph. No one was aware of him anymore and he was so living in the photographer’s private album, until after more than 20 years, another photographer from the big spread of Iran, unaware of the activities of that photography professor and even without knowing him, traveled to Thailand just as the professor. Bangkok, as a capital, seems to be a good place for traveling and tour. Big and beautiful temples, natural attractions, modern urbanity, different transportation systems, different people, and… All of them were intact subjects to be pictured and he did so. At sunset, when he was tired of walking and searching for subjects, for photography and while there wasn’t enough light and space for taking photograph, he was coming back to his place of residence until a scene drew his attention. A blind man, about 55 years old, was sitting in a passage – way and was asking from people. The reason for drawing the photographer’s attention was his use of a microphone and an amplifier for asking. This method wasn’t common in Iran and so it is clear to be an intact subject for taking photograph. But the unsuitable environmental conditions such as in sufficient light, nearness to street, having no other better angle and etc, caused it not to become a good picture and it never stepped beyond his private album, too. Several years passed, until these two photographers – that now have the teacher – student relation ship – saw the pictures of one another of this common trip. Because of passing more than 20 years, the professor had no recollection of that picture, but the student who had recently taken his pictures recognized the blind man who was captured in the private album of the professor. He rescued him from the cage of album. He seated him in front of his old age, but the blind man didn’t expect (hope) for seeing his youth and old age. His microphone and amplifier have become worn out after more than 20 years. His dish has become bigger for collecting people’s aids, surely he has become a family man and his expenses have increased. A little whiteness in his hair and wrinkles of the face are seen. The coincidence of these two pictures from these two photographers, even after more than 20 years is so great and beautiful that topics such as quality, clearness, color, light, cadre and etc can be ignored. Both two pictures traveled over the private albums and you are watching them. The matter that has narrated in these two pictures is HISTIRY, the history that not two historians, but two photographers have written it.

The first historian: Professor of photography, Amir Hojjat Safarli

The second historian: Student of photography, Mahdi Golmohammadi